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Rates: Paypal Option
Mini Video Session - $35 (20 minutes)
Regular Video Session - $65 (45 minutes)
Extended Video Session - $80 (1 hour)
Couples Video Session - $150 (1 1/2 hours)
Encrypted Asynchronous Text Sessions - $65 (weekly flat rate)
End-to-End encrypted chat/text or audio/phone now available.
***All parties are responsible for selecting the "Private Conversation" from their devices for each session to obtain the end-to-end encryption for audio and text sessions. 
Schedule Appointment
To make an appointment with Healthy Therapy Online Care, LLC, call 1.808.554.5525 or click here.  We will get you started on your way.
Cancellation Policy
You must notify Healthy Therapy Online Care at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Otherwise, there is a $25 fee for unscheduled cancellations.
If you have any questions about Healthy Therapy Online Care or if you are ready to get started with your first free consultation, call us today at 1.808.544-5525.  We will be happy to get you on your healthy path to your future.
Payment can be arranged after first free consultation.
Paypal payments for added security are available.
All major credit cards are accepted.
Mastercard - Visa - Discover Card

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Disclaimer:  Healthy Therapy Online Care, LLC is here to help identify the areas in your life and in your thinking that may be standing in your way by utilizing Acceptance Commitment Therapy Coaching. However, Healthy Therapy Online Care, LLC is not a substitute for medical care.  If you think you need medical mental health services, please contact your doctor or psychiatrist.  If this is an emergency, please call your local emergency number for immediate assistance.

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